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My college charged me for damage I did not do, and never notified me about it.?

I go to a small college, about 1400 people. Recently, I noticed a damage charge on my financial statement for last semester’s payment. I never recieved an email, letter, or any notification. I asked others who lived in my dorm, and they all found they had the same charge. When I emailed residence life, they told me that it was a charge for damage done to the walls in the building (i.e. drunk guys punching holes in the wall) and the broken front door. General damage, not just any particular room.

They supposedly billed everyone in the dorm, which would total to $11,000, for damage that the majority of people living there did not impose. Also, no one recieved any documentation or notification. They just put the charge on our bills, hoping no one would notice. Furthermore, they took the money out of our housing deposits, leaving us in debt AND possibly without housing.

I’m wondering if anyone thinks I should persue this further, and if so, how? I really appreciate your help.

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Gather up your roommates and bring this up with the RL, the RD, and the Dean of Students. Explain the situation. Try to get it done ASAP.

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I would suggest that you read both your student handbook and the dorm contract that you signed. You might find a clause buried in the fine print that makes the entire population of the dorm libel for general damages that cannot be attributed to specific persons. It tends to have the students patrol their own area and prevent, or at least report, damage by outsiders. Many times the damage is done by occupants who just go quiet.

When I was a freshman, A dorm set fire to C dorm during a ‘rocket-war’. A, C, and E dorm members broke out the fire hoses and put out the blaze. The difference was that we went right to work to set things straight. By the time school officials arrived, all soot had been washed from the outer walls and hallways. They were told that we had decided to hold an impromptu fire drill to make sure that we knew how to operate the hoses and to dry out and roll them up afterwards. The room that actually had the fire was cleaned and repainted. No charges were ever imposed. That was also the last rocket-war ever held.