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My chances in getting to a top unversity?


1. Senior Next Year

2. 3.85 GPA (4.0 scale)

3. Not taken SAT

4. No extracurricular

5. Took about 3 classes last year in HS (2 AP, and 1 Honors) and am taking 1 next year (AP)

6. Reason I am taking only a little classes is because I will also get my AA by end of High School. So I was able to do full-time running start. My GPA in Comm. College is around 3.7, is that good?

So can I get into



U. of Pennsylvania?

And what do I need to do to get in for sure

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maybe U OF PENN…i don’t really think harvard or stanford

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The GPA scale goes much higher than 4.0 due to advanced coursework. I can’t speak for the colleges you named, but I did a perspective student UCLA tour 2 years ago (which also takes only top students). They admit half of the freshman class based on GPA and test scores alone. That year, the average GPA was 4.3. The other half is evaluated holistically. They look at extra-curricular activities combined with GPA. They like the activities to show advancement and leadership.

If you are planning to apply as a junior (you’ll have your AA), a 3.7 in your community college classes might get you in provided the prerequisite classes for your major have high grades.


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Sorry to say, but probably not Harvard or Stanford or anything like that. Your GPA is good, but not amazingly high, and you have no extracurriculars, which colleges really look for. They make you stand out. Nobody can ever get into those colleges for sure. Some people have perfect SAT scores and perfect GPAs and they are turned away.

Good luck though.


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Make sure to ace all your sat’s and satII’s and to take them as soon as possible, and you definitely need some extracurriculars. Also be sure to get a job or volunteer this summer.

Honestly, It’ll be really tough to get in without any extracurriculars. It would be a great idea to get a hold of an application to see what they’re looking for


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nate w
No, No, and No. If you don’t have any EC’s, it makes you seem as if you focus on nothing but academics. But it also seems that your academics aren’t extraordinary either, so nothing stands out what.

And ivy leagues and Stanford take nobody from CC’s as transfers.