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multi-talented ???

i constantly hear about people who do many different things in the course of their lives -and i want that

i heard of this person who studied russian language and literature at university, and now owns a special effects studio building things (also was a scuba diver, mashinist, chef…bla bla e.t.c)

(he’s famous so you may know who im talking of)

my point is, how do you get from studying one thing at university, to doing soo many things as a profession?

im asking because i honestly don’t want to do one thing in life, i want to have a variety of careers

— does anyone understand how you can get jobs which you have not studied in?

id really appreciate it

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My best guess is that you should be a person who has a natural drive, a great reader, and curiosity/the desire to learn. Next, I think it would be helpful to initially begin with a career that pays well – perhaps something that makes money/works for you even while you’re doing other things (internet web sites/acting residuals/investments). After that would be just the motivation to use the money you make and your energy to keep following your passions. The biggest mistake would probably be to try and learn everything at once. You can do it – why not – go and participate in your life….it reads as though it will be a very promising and rewarding one 🙂