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MK this is a biggy. architecture. advertisement. or pre med i gotta choose one?

im going to be a junior in hs so i gotta start picking 🙁

i love math and drawing and advertisement because i like to make the catchy line and the process of making people buy(experience from ROP) and i like to help ppl and would love to be a doctor

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Huge difference between doctor and advertising, and between helping people and manipulating them to buy stuff.

Maybe research design rather than advertising? Graphic design is more about conveying information than about selling. It is a very wide field, and can include things like wayfinding and mapping which help people maneuver through their environments. Product design considers ergonomics as well as visual form. You could investigate these areas and see if they are interesting to you.



are websites for professions with info about education and career possibilities in graphic or product design.

If one of these seems interesting, you could aim that direction. At the same time, you could take most of your general electives in sciences (obviously think about a university and not an art school for this). Then if you wanted to consider med school, you could still be in good shape — you can apply to med school from any major.

You still have some time to think about this so don’t be too nervous about deciding. Your comment about helping people is important — thinking about a career that offers a meaningful impact on the world is satisfying. Every job has its off days, but if you are doing something that challenges you, and you know it has a positive contribution to society, that helps keep you going.

Good luck in your explorations.


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you ought to not do the two mutually. I did pre-med in my first occupation, and then ultimately “retired” from medicine & did shape-indoors layout software at UCLA–it replaced into the toughest element I honestly have ever achieved. I worked 60+ hours on projects–you will possibly get a week to do an entire set of architectural drawings, p.c.. fabric, floor supplies, etc. BTW; i replaced right into a bio considerable and that i then became a medical lab scientist, then a healthcare expert Assistant (no the place did I tutor); then taught MA & LVN pupils in college–yet I taught anatomy & physique shape & medical skills. Arch is a very stressful occupation to get into each and every & any time you seem such as you’re “hedging” your probabilities of being customary slide down dramatically–they choose committed people who will extremely pursue the occupation in the event that they spend 5 years coaching you.

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i’d say become a doctor! you might enjoy that better! good luck!