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Medical homework help?

Left wrist images: Obtained with the patient’s arm taped to an arm board. There are fractures through the distal shafts of the radius and ulna. The radial fracture fragments show approximately 8 mm overlap with dorsal displacement of the distal radial fracture fragment. the distal ulnar shaft fracture shows ventral-lateral angulation at the fracture apex. There is no overriding at this fracture. No additional fracture is seen. Soft tissue deformity is present, correlating with the fracuture sites.

Ok so!!!!!!

When speaking of distal shafts… WHAT is distal to the radius and ulna. They taught that distal meant away from the median plane.. so I don’t get that part.

We were taught dorsal was pertaining to the cavity that contained the brain and spinal cord (posterior)

I basically don’t understand most of this!!!! I was on a roll w/my homeword until I got to THIS! Please help me =)

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when term distal is used pertaining to parts of the body, it is the area farther away from the center, so when u say distal shaft of the radius and ulna, it is the area of those bones that are closer to the hand.

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A fracture affecting the distal end of the radius and often the ulnar styloid. Because of its close proximity to the wrist joint this injury is often called a wrist fracture.

And Dorsal is the top, think dorsal fin of a shark

good luck studying