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Medical college?

What are some of the things that medical colleges look for other than grades? Does out of school activities, and clubs count as much as your core-classes? I’m still in highschool, sophmore, but i want to take all the classes that will really help me out later when i apply for a college.

Currently i’ve signed up for a health care proffesions class, AP science, animal science, and an athletic trainer class. What else could i take that would help? I’m planning on becoming an ER physician, or somthing simular if it helps. Oh, and Balyor College of Medicine is where I’m planning on going.

Thanks for advice 🙂

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I’m impressed as you have done your homework! Baylor is an excellent choice. You are on track with what you are doing. An asset would be to work in a research laboratory as an assistant while an undergraduate, or during the time before you gain acceptance. This will help you with strong letters of recommendation that you will need when you apply. In the meantime, make sure you get to know your teachers and counselor/s, so they can write letters for you.

Extracurricular activities are important, but make sure you keep your grades up, as that is first priority. Also, they look for leadership abilities. Join all honor societies that you are eligible for and participate in their governance. Best wishes.


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Sure grades speak the loudest, but the next thing would be showing any and all extra activities, to show you can be active and pump out the grades at the same time. And all good moral activity, shows them they would be supporting someone who has the want and desire to further their education!