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MBA entrance and experience?

I am doing software engineering (in India) and i wanna do Post grad in MBA. can u tell me which of these exams are better?

1. GRE or GMAT?


i also wanted to know if any work experience is required for universities like Harvard and Stanford?

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1) GMAT is the exam required for business schools

GRE is required for Humanities, Sciences, Engineering fields in the US

2)TOFEL is required for almost all programs in US

Work experience may or may not be needed for one of the Ivy League schools, but it doesn’t hurt to have good grades, extremely high test scores and perhaps an alum write you a good letter and it really helps to know someone that’s gone to that school, since a lot of these schools like to “keep it in the family”, if you know what I mean.

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Do both. Get a job and pursue an MBA. I did mine at night and it was not too bad. Degrees do not mean much without experience.