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Looking for a Great College for Nursing?

My daughter is a rising senior in high school.

Her priorities for college!

1 Nursing Program

2 Jewish population at least 5%

3 Medium to Large size student body

4 Pretty campus

Her Sat are 1160 with a weighted GPA of 3.28!

We live in Georgia and would love to go to UGA but with

GPA and Sat feel their is little chance. Emory would also be great but main campus. Any ideas maybe a different kind of major to get started also other Universities and colleges/

Daughter has been accomplished in Community theatre plus president of Community outreach.

Thinking of University of Indiana but heard it was a big Party

School and she is one that is a little left of center with sometimes the wrong priorities. Help!

A Loving Parent

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Miss Need 2 Know

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UNC chapel hill. It is worth a visit!!

Also keep in mind if she has a favorite school, she needs to visit and speak with the admission staff for nursing AND undergrad admissions. Many students who feel they are not as strong as they need to be when approaching college will transfer after their freshmen or sophmore year.

I suggest she get the ciriculum of the school she really wants to go to and mirror it with the school she actually attends if she is thinking of transfering. This will keep her on the same track as the students at that institution. Many times the courses are the same and will transfer in.

If she visits any schools this summer have her keep that in mind and ask questions about possibly transfering in her future. Also contact the nursing program directly. Many schools have a seperate division of recruiters for their school of nursing.

Good Luck and have her do her very best regardless of where she goes and what she decides.


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If you feel there is little chance she can be accepted into UGA & she has a tendency to go off track, maybe it would be better if she went to one of the junior colleges & got an associate degree in practical nursing. With good grades she may be able to transfer to a 4year institution of her liking in 2 years or less and get her BS in nursing.

I don’t know anything about the University of Indiana… but my daughter graduated from Indiana University (IU) in Bloomington and did well. It has a wonderful theatre department but have heard little about a nursing college.


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FIU (Florida International University) is a public university in Miami with a new medical school, but I’m not sure if they offer nursing. It is a great school, diverse student body and very affordable. Miami is a great place, have fun! Oh, you could also try Miami-Dade College. They most likely have a nursing program and are very affordable. MDC used to be a community college and converted to a four year school.

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jack a
Ursuline College in Cleveland. Ursuline is in Pepper Pike, an

upper middle class suburb with a substantial Jewish population. Cleveland has some of the premier medical facilities in the world(Cleveland Clinic) 20 minutes from campus.


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Many years ago I graduated from Indiana State University with a Bachelors of Science Nursing Degree. It was considered a good school back then.

I don’t know if it meets all of your criteria.


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dionne m
Hillel is an organization that you will find on a lot of college campuses. You should check out their website. You can search for colleges based on different criteria.

If anything it should help you eliminate some schools and maybe you will find some that you never even thought of.

I hope this helps.