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Least Popular Majors? / Most Under-represented?

Just wondering. Also, any general tips for increasing the chances of getting into college?

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Tracey O

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well i suppose anthropology is a pretty un-popular major.

as far as your second question, you should take the SATs as early as possible so that you’ll have time to retake them if needed. also, depending on how competitive of a school you want to get into (or if you just want to look better) take the SAT II subject test in your bets subjects. some schools require it, while others recommend you take it.

start look at the common application (if you’re about to be a senior) so you can get started on those essay questions. also schools who have their own applications, take a look at those too.

get your extra curriculars in order. get in leadership positions at school. do community service. make your resume look good

also, pick teachers who will write your recommendation letters with care – they’re a LOT more important that you think.

hope this helps


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