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Law essay plan Help, need to consruct an essay plan for a Law Assignment on the role of UK Criminal & Civil?

Sanctions. The question ask : Sanctions are penalties imposed on those who break the law to ensure compliance and conformity with the law.

To what extent do you think that this is a true reflection of the role of civil and criminal sanctions?

Hey i’m not asking for anyone to do the essay, no, no but just need guidance via my essay plan.

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Ask yourself if that statement is true today. Think about stories people tell about police writing speeding citations for no purpose except to fill a quota so that the city can make enough money from fines. Also think about whether civil/criminal penalties actually deter crime. Are they too lenient? Or are they not enforced? Or are they sometimes too harsh? In the US, a tenant can be evicted from what you in the UK would call council housing if any person is caught there for a drug offense, even if he does not live there and even if the tenant doesn’t know. Is this fair? Or is it necessary to ensure compliance with the drug laws? Hope these ramblings help.