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Is it possible to major in astrology?

I’m actually thinking about majoring in astrology but I’m not sure if there are any school that actually provide programs for that major.

I go to SFSU and can’t find astrology in their academic programs. does anyone know any schools in San Francisco, CA that let you major in astrology. Thank you. 🙂

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Astrology is not a real science, therefore no accredited university will have astrology as a major. You can find schools for astrology all over the web. A lot of them will take your money and give you something on line.

Highly do not recommend anyone getting an astrology degree unless they are good con artists..

Now if you were thinking about Astronomy… that’s a different story. That’s a real science.


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Astrology is not taken very seriously in the academic community. It is on about the same level of alchemy insofar as

planners and academic advisors are concerned.

It is a pleasant, kitchen table past time for those seeking to see what the stars say about life and a person’s future. You can find it in the daily newspapers. Unofficially, many people are absolute aficionados

of astrology. The Reagan’s were secretly

consulting the stars, as have many other world leaders before making important decisions.

You may find some classes in the community or in the occult sections of book stores. Perhaps they can get you in touch with some classroom astrology.

I’m not real optimistic about finding classes for credit, however, in astrology. Good luck. It’s still worth looking into.


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I know my university doesn’t offer a major in astrology, and I’ve never known any other to do so (and if SFSU doesn’t, that pretty much seals it).

You may not like this answer, but astrology is a bogus pseudoscience. The constellation of stars and planets at the moment of our birth exerts such a negligible force upon us as to be too small to measure.


On the other hand, you can major in the fascinating science of astronomy at SFSU or any other major university.




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Try this website. Astrology won’t be a major at your local college, but you’ll be able to find places that offer a certification/courses.

Astronomy would be the closest thing that would be offered as an undergraduate major at your local college. It would give you the science behind the movement of the stars & other heavenly bodies.

Kepler College of Astrological Arts and Sciences (www.kepler.edu) in Seattle, Washington touts itself as the only college to offer bachelor’s/master’s degrees in Astrological Arts.

As with anything like this, I would seriously look into who’s accrediting the courses and whether or not having a degree in Astrology would do you any good. Self study might be the way to go unless you are looking to write astrology books, teach astrology, etc.


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