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Is it possible for a college-educated woman…?

Can a college-educated woman be happy with a man who has only graduated from high school and doesn’t intend to continue his education? Will they grow apart over the years? Which parent will future children take as a role model?

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And you said my question about “pre” was pathetic! This is coming from a person whose other questions include the ridiculously pointless “What’s your favourite month?”


As for your question…

There is no definitive answer – everyone is different. It may work, it may mot work. The child may use both as a role model. It’s all a matter of opinion.


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The child will most likely take the college educated women as a role model. But about the happiness thing that is all up to you. Do you think that the two of you could make it together?

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Fly On The Wall
Those of us who have lived a while will tell you that we all know cases where this has worked and cases where it hasn’t. We know situations where a disparity of income and educational levels caused hardship, others where it allowed one parent to home school the kids or to support the spouse in a meteoric career path. And we know situations where two “career stars” grew apart because they never had time to talk to one another.

Both parents will be role models whether you want them to or not. Probably there’s an advantage here in the sense that your child will recognize that goodness does not equal education or income. I’ll bet your blue collar husband pushes them in school just as hard as you do.


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Probably depends more on your personalities, but there are often problems in such relationships. Make sure both of you have careers with which you are happy, since so much of self-esteem and self-respect is bound up with one’s work and income.

What about spiritual aspects? You did not mention them, but consider them as well.

Your dilemma is not a unique one, as many more women now attend college than men. Try to find examples of others who have worked through similar issues to see what set them apart from those who were not successful. You might find that education was not the decisive factor.

Kids should look to the positive characteristics of both parents.

Good luck, it all just depends, but it is certainly possible.


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Whether or not she is happy with him should have nothign to do with schooling.

Just because one parent didn’t get a higheducation doesn’t mean they won’t be good role model, you would hope that they were good, kind people.

Values and morals are what people should worry about modelling to their kids, not how to carry out their schooling.


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Yes it is possible. Love and education are two different things, and one does NOT necessarily have to conflict with the other. Ther are medical doctors of both genders who marry seemingly low educated people out of love alone.

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Yep its possible, they do say love conquers all right!

Just dont let financial issues of “who puts the food on the table” get between the two of you stand in the way because then you might have problems

all the best


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Cheryl W
Of course they can. My fiance dropped out of college, and he’s brilliant, much smarter than me. We don’t want kids so I don’t know what to say about that.