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is getting into college really that hard?

im not talking about community college, i mean state colleges. im not super lazy or anything i work hard, i just wanted to know if its really difficult to get accepted into a good college. any advice on HOW to get accepted? what makes u look good on an application?

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There are over 4000 colleges in the USA. We hear a lot about how hard it is to get into the Ivy League and the other elite colleges like Duke, Stanford or UChicago. But, only about 25 or 30 colleges accept less than half their applicants. The vast majority of colleges accept most of the people who apply.

If you are a decent student with no disciplinary problems and a few extracurricular activies, you can get in to most of the colleges in the USA. If you are a better than average student and have done anything particularly good for extracurriculars, then you have a fighting chance of getting a good scholarship.

Think positive about getting in, choose a good school that is a match for you, and you will be fine.

Good luck


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Adam J
It depends on the state and the school–getting into the UC Berkeley is tougher than getting into Chico state, for example.

In general you can probably get a pretty good idea of where you can expect to get in by comparing your GPA and test scores to the average scores from a school. If you’re above the 75th percentile of a school you’ll probably get in, if you’re below the 25th it’ll be a stretch.

As far as advice goes, make sure you write a good essay and get letters of recommendation if possible. Try not to do everything at the last possible minute.

Good luck.


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No, its not. Especially if you live in fl. Just get a 1000+ SAT score, a 3.2 weighted gpa, and you’re set.