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If I’m interesting in practing law in MN, besides the U, does it really matter which school I attend in MN?

I’m interested in the Minnesota law schools. I have a good shot at admission to William Mitchell, Hameline, and St. Thomas. If I get into all of them, which school should I go to? Which one is better, if I wanted to work in MN? Does it make a difference?

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Hamline is a Tier 4 law school in the U.S. News rankings (the others are Tier 3). You might want to work in another state someday, and you wouldn’t want to pick the one with the lowest general reputation.

U of St. Thomas is a faith-based school, and there are some folks out there who look the other way when it comes to graduates of Christian schools.

William Mitchell has been around since 1900, and it was the only one I’d ever heard of (I work in Alabama). If you can’t get into U of M — and I’d try hook and crook if I was sure that wanted to study and practice there and only there — William Mitchell would seem the best of the remainder.

I hope other people will answer you as well, though. I just wanted your question not to go unanswered. It’s a good one.