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I want to qwit school… and… must read the rest?

I want to quit school and be homeschooled by my dad and myself. I believe i have the self-motivation and initiative to do this. The high school I attend right now does not offer me the education I need to excell greatly in the subject(s) I would like to choose as a career.

I am aiming toward psychology or a teaching degree right now, and the high school I go to is a hicktown garbage school that gives out diplomas like candy. I honestly do not do anything in class… I sleep, and daydream… I still get all A’s with a few high B’s. I am a junior.

I want to work for myself and work my butt off in the next 2 years to achieve great knowledge and understanding of my academic studies. I want to go way over the norm and push forward… and I know I have to capability.

The problem is acceptance… private colleges will not most likely accept a guy who dropped out of high school with a GED and no high school diploma. The state schools accept GED’s as much as High School Diplomas.

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If your real objective is academic excellence, what prevents you from achieving that and completing the high school that you’re in now?

If you want to learn more than you are learning in HS then do so. Take some classes at your local community college or online; in addition to your HS classes, since they’re so easy you can sleep through them.

If you want to study education then go out and get some experience in the profession by providing someone some education – tutor, teach migrants English, teach Sunday School…

If you plan on going to a good college, you need to learn how to work through that “this is boring” phase in class – it doesn’t go away in college.

If you truly have the capability to go “way over the norm” then do it. Being in an unchallenging HS isn’t what defines what you learn – going out and learning defines what you learn (or do).

Need an idea for an example of what I’m talking about? Try doing some independent research on your own situation. What’s the frequency of unchallenged HS students? What are the causes? How can it be dealt with effectively? What can schools do better? What can the students in that condition do to improve the condition? Start by reading in some of the peer reviewed journals on the subject (search Google Scholar). If you don’t know about academic journals, start by learning about academic journals.

People who achieve great success don’t walk away from the easy – they add more to their plate when things are easy because they can. Then you get both.


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As long as you are homeschooled with a proper, state mandated education program (which can easily be found online and ordered by your dad) you will graduate and have no trouble being accepted to college. In fact, I would think that with your current grades, graduating from a proper homeschooling program would actually look better to private colleges which often get students who attended private high schools or were homeschooled. I am at a private college now and I am surprised by the number of home schooled kids that are in my classes.

The only real concern I would have is why do it now when you are in your junior year. I think if you had done this two years ago it would be better.

Oh, and you can always just have your dad homeschool you in the courses you are interested in OR take those courses at a community college while you are in high school. Most public schools (even in hick towns) are required to offer you the option of taking certain courses if you are interested in them. I believe what you are looking into can be a possibility for you. Have your parent(s) meet with you and your guidance couselor to discuss options for your future.


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Amaretto Kid
Considering some of your grammer and spelling in this question, stay in school. Even though you know what you want to do career-wise, you still need a rounded education. If you don’t think the public school is meeting your education needs, what about a private high school or college prep school? In the meantime, get the state required courses finished, and then take some college classes during your Senior year to get a head start on college.

Good luck.


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Ratman (not really)
It sounds as if you need a challenge. I would stay in school and challenge yourself with the curriculum you and your dad prepared after school. I finished high school in 3 years because It was a breeze, but I challenged myself with books and extra curricular materials. Don’t drop out. Believe me.

Nowadays you could split the atom, but if you don’t have a diploma people will hardly give you a second look, most if not all self respecting universities will not accept anyone without a high school diploma. Humor you professors and get the A’s and B’s you need for the diploma, but don’t drop out.


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LaLa N
Just to be safe I’d probably continue to go to that school,or if there’s a private school that’s affordable transfer there. But hey at least you know you’ll graduate with honors and high SAT scores. Which will all look good on your college app.