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I want to attend NYU! GPA= 3.9 at U of Mich. Yet I was denied.Can i enroll as a non-degree candidate and…?

work very hard to demonstrate that I am capable of the coursework? That is, will a professor write me a letter of recommendation for admittance if I receive an A in his/her course and then explain my goal of attending the university to pursue a degree?

A current professor told me about enrolling non-degree and seeking the help of the staff. Has anyone else gained admittance to a respected university this way?

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Most top schools do not accept many transfers, so it doesn’t matter how well you do. NYU is the top “dream” school in the country. You are competing with a lot of people for a few spots.

Doing non degree is a risky move. You can still get a 4.0 there in the classes you take and then not get in.

and to address the first answerer, UVA and Berkeley are much better than UM


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lil jake
If you have a 3.9 at U of M Ann Arbor, you shouldn’t have any problem transferring anywhere–you just have to remember that NYU is not only highly competitive but receives the most applications of any school in the country–you could be completely qualified and not get in simply because of the sheer numbers. 3.9 at U of M is VERY good, by the way, and I agree that doing non-degree coursework is a risky move. I would just stay at U of M, it’s a great school (I’m from Michigan, but I go to NYU).

As a response to the first answerer, there are programs in U of M that are better than at NYU but that doesn’t necessarily make it a better school, they have completely different focuses. And as for state colleges, Berkeley is better.


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I can’t imagine ANY reason why a student with a 3.9 at university of Michigan can’t become a transfer student to NYU, and degree seeking. Now be honest, is this the truth?

If you have a 3.9 why would you change? More importantly, why would you do ANY non-degree seeking work when your GPA is that good? NYU may be a good school, but it isn’t worth all of that.


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If you are at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor why would you want to transfer to NYU. Don’t get me wrong NYU is as competitive as any Ivy League school, but I don’t understand why you weren’t able to transfer with the grades you have from U of M to NYU. U of M is ranks as one of the best (if not the best) state colleges in the country and better than most private schools including NYU. I can see no reason why a professor who gave you an A wouldn’t write you a recommedation letter unless you don’t ask them. However, you are better off staying at U of M than going to NYU non-matriculating – that is craziness. I wouldn’t even suggest that if you were looking to get into Princeton or Harvard. That is madness. A Michigan education is among the best in the world.

Good Luck!!!