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How does the Dutch High School & College Differ from American High School & College?

How does the Dutch High School and College/Graduate School differ from the American High School and Graduate Studies?

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In Dutch high school there are 3 different levels:

VWO – takes 6 years (age 12 – 18) and you have immediate access to universities. These kids are the smartest of the school.

HAVO – takes 5 years and you have access to a HBO study which is similar to American colleges. After 1 year of HBO you have access to most universities.

VMBO – takes 4 years and those students will usually do MBO which are the more practical studies because these kids usually have difficulty learning. After MBO they can do a HBO study, and after one year of that they can be allowed to universities.

After leaving secondary school (age 4-11) you are being told what level you should go to.

As far as grades, they dont use letters (A’s, B’s and C’s) but numbers instead: a 10 is best, 1 is worst, and a 5,5 is usually enough to pass the test.

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