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I need suggestions on what to do about my seeing problem…..?

Please, I need some serious advice and/or suggestions regarding the issue of seeing the lecture board/projections in my classes. My problem cannot be resolved by getting new glasses or sitting in the front seat. And getting notes from a friend during or after class can be a hassle. The huge down-side to this is that I don’t understand or miss out on a lot of concepts during lectures so I have to go home and read and understand the textbooks MYSELF… which takes more time than it is supposed to.

The college I go to does not allow video taping of lectures or any use of gadgets in the classroom.

I need some serious and caring advice as to what I can do. Thank you.

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See your college’s office for students with disabilities. You may be eligible to have another person attend class with you to take notes. I know that sounds weird but at my school there are students who have note-takers.

One thing about teaching yourself from the textbooks … in the long run you might just be getting a better education because most students couldn’t do that to save their lives. You must be pretty smart.


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I am sorry that I cannot make any suggestions about your vision problems, but I am not surprise that you do not understand much in class. In university, you are meant to do a lot of self study and self explaining.

Group work is extremely important in your university years

and I do not know what major you are in, but there are groups you can get into. For example, in my university, there was the science undergraduate society, the mathematics undegraduate society etc, and there were rooms where students would sit in, socialize, solve problems together etc.

Do not miss out on joinining those societies, they are a great

source of help. Please do not be shy and reluctant to join or you would miss out and only hurt yourself.

A lot of courses also have problem solving tutorials and TA’S, where there classes are a lot smaller a lot more can be gained out of your time.

The last thing I would like to give you, is a piece of advice my dad always gave me ” read ahead and be ahead”

I did not realize the importance of this till I got to uni.

When you already know what your lecturer is going to be talking about it helps a huge deal. What used to work in school will not work in university, so set yourself up for better


And do talk to your lecturer about your problem and see what they suggest.

EDIT: I do realize you want to see, but do take advantage of the heeps of other sources you have, joining socities, group work, tutorials etc.