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I need help…I have writer’s block…?

I have to write a two and a half page to this prompt:

Sticks and Stones: Examine the effect of using words (such as ‘gay” or “retarded”) as jokes or insults. How (if at all) should people respond to others who use words in this way?

Could you help me come up with some points to talk about? Not asking you to write my paper, just to help me come up with some ideas that’ll fill 2 and a half pages with quality work. What’s your personal take on the issue?

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Have you tried posting this as a question?

The phrase is:” Sticks & stones will break my bones but words will never harm me.”

Actually words are very deadly, some very insecure kids have been known to commit suicide because there are so many mean spirited people in our schools. Not just students, but teachers as well.

I would much rather have someone hit me than to slander my name.

Think about it this way. Which would you rather?

A. Be hit with a spitball from across the room.

B. Have your name written in the girls restroom with a derogatory remark.

C. Have someone accuse you of being Gay to all the mean jocks, when you are very straight.

What do you think is going to cause the most harm?

I hope this helps.