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Lady Myrkr

I’m trying to decide what job I want to have when I get out of college so I can choose a college. Help?

Okay, so, I’ve got it pretty settled in my mind. I definitely want to be a mother (yay) but I don’t know what job or school I should go to, because I have so many options. I’m also kinna broke, but, still. I’m 17, for the record. Here we go!

Game Designer –> Full Sail Real World Education

Special Education –> Hunter CUNY school

Brain Surgeon –> Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Psychologist –> Massachusetts Institute of Technology

What I like to do in my spare time:

– Read

– Write

– Draw

– Think

– Imaginine creatures and situations

– Fiddle around with programs

What I’m good at:

– Learning quickly

– Applying things I learn

– Talking to people

– Helping people

– Adobe Photoshop

– Adobe Illustrator

– 3DS Max

– Talking and playing with children

– Teaching people how to do things

– Fixing computers

– Making computers

So, anyone have an opinion on what college/job I should go for from the list? Or do you think I chose the wrong things all together?

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I will be totally honest: you can’t be serious. Your list goes from Game designer at a college a never heard of to Brain Surgeon at MIT! You dont sound like you have a plan at all.

What you need to do is sit down and really think of what your interests lay and what you’re good at. we cant make this decision for you. Also, do you know how hard MIT is? To get into that school is pretty difficult. And it is not for a person who has no clue what they want to do with their lives. You gotta be focused.

From what it sounds like I would pursue a degree in Computer Technology or Animation from a bona-fide community college in your area to start. Its a 2 year degree and all you have to commit is just two years.

If you want to keep going to school after that, your options will be wide open.


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Alright, in all honesty, pick a school that has those options if you choose to take that route. Much of what you are looking at will have to move on to another school and more. I started out as an design major and went to engineering. Your tastes and ideals will change after the first year or so and then you will be more sure of what you like. What normally happens is that we pick a program and end up another that is very similar, after taking a few of the course classes (not the general ed) which hones our tastes, ideas and temperments.

Since you are still so young, you need to also take a look into how you are going to be able to afford university and how much is going to have to be borrowed. Looking at MIT and other schools that are in the top of their costs may not be the best choice when there is another school that is comparible and not as costly.

Most people in their lifetimes will change careers and fields aobut 5-6 times. I am in that process myself. While I have several bachelors, I am actually working towards another and then law school in the fall of next year….

just some things to consider.


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Game designer would be really good for you, and you’d probably get in because you’re already good with a computer., and you seem to be a really creative person.

I wouldn’t go into SPECIAL education just because you like kids. Special ed is where you work with the ones that have to take medication to stop them from taking a bite out of your arm (I’m 100% serious here). Just make sure what you’re getting into.


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Most people change careers throughout their lifetime. In fact, most college students change their majors at least once. What you want at 17 may not be what you want at 25.

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Game Designer.

You already seem to be good with a computer.


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Our blood will touch the ground!
Game Designer!!!

thats just what i want to be, so dont take my answer to seriously.


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Potatoe Plague
um if you got accepted, go to MIT