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i have a serious question about how to get into an ivy league school? can i take a rediculous course like….?

can i take basket weaving or somthing stupid at any ivy league school because they dont have enough students taking the course so they accepted me then later trasnfer majors into somthing i would rather be doing, i have a D average and a junior in high school? what can i do to be accepted into a good college???

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You have a D average? Sorry, you probably won’t get into state schools with that, much less a good university. No, they won’t take you because you’re going to take bullshit courses. That’s NOT the way to look good for a college.

Plan on attending community college for a few years to get your grades up, and then applying to better schools. It’s pretty much your only option at this point.


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I have no idea approximately Canada, however retaking a 12 months of prime university is not allowed within the US. Why do not you begin institution at a university you’ll get into after which observe to switch to a most sensible university in the event you do good there? I doubt retaking the ones categories will support you greatly and it isn’t simply grades besides – in the event you wouldn’t have some thing exquisite to your resume, you did not have a well shot besides, inspite of larger grades.