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I found an ABA approved school, but most of its classes are on line, do you think I should go there?

I want to go to school to be a paralegal, but I want to go to good school that it not frowned upon. The name of the school is South University. I like emory certificate program better but its not ABA approved and they want their money up front. any way I live in atlanta GA and would greatly aprreciate everyone opinion.

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I don’t think most law firms care much about whether a Paralegal Certificate comes from an ABA approved school. It’s not like a degree that should come from an acredited school. As an attorney, I would be more impressed with someone with a certificate from Emory than from a school I’ve never heard of online.

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Tarheel Girl 08
If you are going to be a paralegal, then an ABA schools is a plus. You could add that to your resume, that your program is ABA approved and some employers look for specific accreditations. What you could do is research paralegal jobs in Atlanta and surrouding areas and see if having a degree from an ABA program is required.

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I would suggest you see if there is a community college that offers a paralegal course as opposed to either of these schools. You don’t have to make an immediate choice. If they are saying you do- run from that school.


I changed my mind about EMORY it is a certificate and you must have a bachelors degree in another area before you can be admitted. If you have your BA/ BS or another version then go for it.