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I am thinking about getting a Masters in Accounting- Help!?

I have received a BS in Psychology from UVA-Wise and currently in a masters in counseling program. I have 3 children (2 very little) and cannot travel to the residencies like I intended to. I have looked at getting an accounting degree-I have signed up for classes for a masters in which I have to take a few prerequisites of course. How hard is an accounting degree? I am scared I will not be able to do it. I am not terrific in math of course, but feel since I do have one degree I could do what I put my mind to. How much on average does an accountant make? Thank you. Encouragement is highly appreciated:)

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my cousin did a masters in accounting, he was always studying. i would say it is hard, but seeing you already have degrees, you understand how to study and commit. I would recommend giving it a try!