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How much should i score in SATs to avail a scholarship?

i am giving my SATs and hope to avail a scholarship.

how much should i score so that i am eligile for any type of scholarship?

Please specify the score required in SAT1 and SAT2 seperately………

Do i even need to give SAT2?

i am of INDIAN nationality…………

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I, too, am of Indian nationality. I am an Indian-American living in Florida/USA. Your nationality will be irrelevant unless you’re applying for an ethnicity-based scholarship. Most scholarships won’t care for your specific nationality.

I would say a 2250/2400 is a safe score to impress scholarship committees with your SAT scores. A 750 in any subject, SATs and SAT II’s, is impressive. Usually scholarship committees don’t care about SAT II’s but you need these test scores for competitive colleges like Harvard, MIT, Brown, etc.

I earned the Coca Cola, Best Buy, Lowe’s, McKelvey Entrepreneurial, NFIB and NHS scholarships. I was accepted to Harvard this year with a 770/750/740 on the SAT Reasoning Test (M/CR/W) and a 770/760/710 on Literature, Spanish, Math II SAT Subject Tests. I am an Indian-American student with plenty of extra curriculars like Boy Scouts, Model UN, Key Club, NHS, etc. and even started my own non-profit. Check out my blog at http://ineedapencil.com/blog.aspx… and email me for more help, [email protected].


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i do no longer understand of everyone who supplies a scholarship based upon SAT score on my own; many of the suited academic scholarships are in keeping with an index score which mixes the SAT and GPA. What that score ought to be varies via college, in view that scholarships are oftentimes desperate via the guy college.