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How much is a year of college on average?

I’m working on getting the millenium scholarship but it’s only for $10,000. Is this enough…?

I’m going to a regular university in Nevada.

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Try the calculator at the site shown below — it will enable you to compute your Freshman year costs at the U of NV, Las Vegas, both with and without the scholarship.

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Just for tuition, mine is around 7000 a year. This does not include living expenses and textbooks. Depending on where you’ll be living when you go to college, 10,000 may or may not be enough. For example, if it was me, no, 10,000 would not be enough. That would barely cover my rent for a whole year, which is around another 8000, I pay 670 per month. And then of course, there is the electric bills and the question about food. Textbooks are usually a hundred dollars or more too, depending on the classes I take. On average, girls I know who go to the same college as me take out close to 20,000 in loans a year.

Hope this doesn’t scare you or something, but I suggest getting other scholarships too.


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It REALLY depends on the college, it depends what you’re studying, for how long, if you’re doing a minor or a master etc. It also depends on you if you can get a scholarship, or if you’re part of a minority (minorities often get privileges at colleges). The best way to find out is to talk to the individual colleges you consider.