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High School GPA calculation help!?

Here are the following grades I had 9-11 bsed on 4.00 point scale, and even though I used the calculator on http://www.csumentor.edu/planning/high_s… I wasn’t sure if I input the grades correctly.

Therefore, in total of A-G list I have:





Honors/AP= 8 or 12? (I already have the best possible points here with 8 semesters, but the problem is do I add or include two apporoved honor/AP courses in 10th grade? If so, is the best possible is it 12 semesters?)

I want to make sure because the results I got was 3.75 based on 12 semester honor/AP. If I am wrong, then I’ll get 3.58…T_T

Thx for helping!

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Ok, your question is a bit confusing….

Are you saying you have 10 A’s, 10 B’s and 4 C’s? If so, your gpa is a 3.25.

I don’t understand the Honors/AP bit though..

Maybe you could clear up your question and then you can get more help 🙂