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helping writing an essay on a movie I’ve watched with someone ?

i had to write an essay on what’s the most interestesing thing i did over the summer, and since i didn’t do anything fun, i wrote about my summer watching these movies with a friend. Now i was told to re-write my essay on how i feel about the movie, events i did, and expanding detail instead of a summary . I need some tip on what i should say, the summary of the movie is what help me wrote 2 1/2 pages now without the summer i have nothing to write about >=[ . any tips on how i should start this essay ?

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Roald Ellsworth

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Those over-the-summer adventure essays are hard to write. Now that you’re back in school, why do you want to think about the summer you’ve left behind?

What kind of movies did you watch? Were they inspirational or funny? Did you learn anything? Was it fun spending time with your friend? You might talk about your friendship and why it’s so important to you, and why it was meaningful to get together.

Also, how did you feel about the rest of your summer– not doing anything fun? You might go into the details of that, explaining why you did nothing fun.

If one of the movies was inspirational, the easiest route might be to explain how you felt about it and what you learned.


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Easy. If they want to know how you felt about the movie, tell them. But over all, even if you had a nothing summer, so what. Make something up. Nobody’s going to argue with you. You went to Florida and ran into this friend of your family who happened to work for NASA. He/she invited to witness the shuttle launch from the main control room and you got to sit next to one of the wives of the crew. Don’t like, then you went to D.C. and while visiting the National Archives bumped into this person who was doing research for the President on some subject, blah blah blah. Get it??? Have some fun with this.