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Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Software Engineering?

I’m having a hard time deciding on a major. I narrowed my choices down to those three. I know I want something that involves computers, but they all appeal to me. I like building things, problem solving and programming. Electrical engineering also looks interesting. >.< Any suggestions?

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Are you strong in Math and Science, or just like computers?

If you are very strong in Math and Science: Choose a top engineering college, enroll as “Pre-Engineering” and go from there, your first year will be very basic and you will not have to have chosen between those three, until your second or third year of college. Your first two years will be filled with at least many physics and calculas courses.

If you are not a great Math or Science student, consider Information Systems – sometimes called “Business Information Systems” or “Management Information Systems,” housed in a College of Business. These programs give you a Business basics degree for your first two years, and then in your second two years, you will take the programming classes that the Computer Science majors take.