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Colorado University at Boulder?

I’m interested in going to college there even though it’s only my 2nd year in high school. I’ve tried looking at their majors and I can’t seem to find a veterinary degree. Do they have any? Or should I just give up and attend at Colorado State University to learn how to become a veternarian?

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justine lauren

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Its called the University of Colorado, not Colorado University. You could get your undergraduate there and then transfer to CSU as a pre-DVM, although overall it would be best just to go to CSU to begin with. They are both located in Northern Colorado.

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CU doesn’t have a veterinary program–they’re actually fairly rare. I believe CSU is the only such program in your state.

Also, please be aware that even though you can major in “pre-vet” at CSU, the actual veterinary degree is a doctoral degree which means that you’ll have four years of undergrad plus four years of grad school. There’s really no reason why you couldn’t do your undergraduate work at CU and then apply to CSU for your DVM program.