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Im looking for colleges within an hour (or about 60-70 miles) of Russellville, AR. Im looking for good associate degrees at a college thats not in the middle of a huge city, but also not in a city with nothing. Im looking into nursing (LPN/RN), veterinary tech, journalism, accounting, or business.

Thanks for your help!

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well try collegeboard’s college search and princeton reviews councelor-o-matic

they search based on several criteria, expecially location, what tpe of degree and major


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You should go to a 4 year institution. A 2 year degree is NOT a terminal degree (which means no one will hire you for any of those professions with nothing more than an associates).

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since you list of what you want to get into is in several directions it’s difficult to give you a pat answer. Community colleges do give two years Associates (AA) degrees but you’ll have to sign up with the one you want. You need to go to the yahoo search engine and type in “list communnity college AR” and research what schools come up and then check what programs each offers and which suits your needs, your location and your pocketbook.

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I think the U of Arkansas has a nursing program that isn’t too far away from Russellville.


Or you can just go down the street at Arkansas Tech. They have a nursing school.


Here more choices for nursing…


If you’re going to be interested it the other stuff listed then you might want to go to larger school like U of Ark.