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College Admissions Question… Applying Pre-Vet/Pre-Med?

Over the past year-and-half or so, I have been working at a local animal hospital in an attempt to scrape up some backup money for college. Over the time I’ve been working there, though, I’ve managed to develop a serious interest in what I’m doing and have seriously been considering majoring Pre-Vet or Pre-Med when I go off to college next year. The problem is, although I love the field now, I did absolutely horrible in high school Biology, Chemistry, and Physics (with a 78 average at the end of each semester in all three classes). How likely is it for me to get into college (stating a desire to major Pre-Vet or Pre-Med) given my poor high school GPA in all of the science-related subjects?

[Just a little more background information about my other grades: including the courses mentioned above, my high GPA thus far is a 3.3 (academically – excluding electives (which, if included, raise the GPA to 3.4/3.5-ish).]


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I don’t think it’s a problem to enter college with your grades. As for entering medical school or veterinary school, I recommend getting a tutor or seek your academic center that helps you how to study. Ideally, you need at least a 3.5 GPA for consideration. Since there are five times more med schools than vet schools, competition to enter vet school is actually higher.

If your grades don’t end up that high, don’t frown. There are alternatives in healthcare. You can try to become a RN, I believe it’s easier to get an ADN degree although last I heard, BSN’s also desire 3.5 GPA’s. Physician assistants (PA) is another well paying job that’s in high demand. If you still insist in becoming a MD or DVM, you may consider the schools in the Caribbean like St. George or Ross. Both are much easier to enter.