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Check my quotes?

Go into my profile & Check out my qoutes. All of them are made up, except one that has a star (*)

Tell me what you think of them, and if i need to make any changes.

These are COMPLETLEY made up by me!

Tell me if you like them. And which one was your favorite.


– If you would like for me to make up a qoute personally for

you, go to my profile & send a message telling me what you

want the qoute to be about.

– Make the subject be “Qoute”.

Thank You in advance!

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I really like them! Good job. My fave is “THE HEART NEEDS A VITAMIN, ITS CALLED LOVE” lol. totally true.

A few days ago
Pluto VT
some of those were said by famous people. are you sure that you didn’t subconsciously remember any of them? not to be over critical. they’re good for sure