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Changing majors and college at Berkeley?

I am a incoming Berkeley freshman majoring in Microbial Biology at CNR (College of Natural Resource). But i want to change my major to Neuroscience at L&S (Letters and Science College). Is it a good idea to change my major? I am going for a pre-med course.

CNR is said to be the most flexible, better for small-learning, and convienent for pre-med pre-reqs. L&S is said to have more req than CNR, more competitive, and a larger learning community (student to teacher ratio is bigger than ratio of CNR). I am confused….what should i do ….any advice? Is transferring to CNR to L&S easier? HElp please!?!?!?!?

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If you want to go to medical school, you should stop thinking about which path is easiest and start thinking about which patch will prepare you for medical school the best. I doubt that CNR will give you the best preparation — and I (for one) don’t want a doctor who is ill prepared.

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Stay in your current major. Look at how many people are in MCB then calculate that only 15% those people are allowed A’s. You probably have a better chance at keeping up your GPA in CNR. In the meantime, study hard.