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Career change?

I have a B.Sc. in Business Computer and a 12 year experience in IT among which 4 years as a senior technical IT Trainer.

I want to start preparing for a Masters degree in HR Development through distance learning from a Univ. whose degrees in HR are accredited by the US Department of Educ.

What do you think of this step?

Is it gonna open for me good future opportunities when I get my degree?

How much is my 4 year experience as an IT Trainer gonna contribute into my studies and on my CV if I highlight it as previous experience?

How advantageous would it be for me to go first for a one year Postgraduate Diploma degree in Training & Development and then going for the Master’s in HR Dev. Is this Diploma degree gonna open the door for me to start a new career in HRD and start building a good experience in this regard while I work on my Masters degree?

Thanks in advance.

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The vagaries and every-changing climate of today’s workplace make it impossible to say if any particular road will lead to success: whatever success is for you.

The only thing that I can offer is to say, take the road that you believe will bring you to the place you NEED to be. Usually, this is the road less traveled.

Perhaps this poem by Robert Frost might be of help.

For practical advice, talk to someone well placed in your own HR department and ask for their advice on which road THEY would suggest you travel to reach your goal.