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auburn university or flagler?

which school is better and which school is easier to get into?

if anyone has attended/atends one of these schools could you tell me about your experience, were you glad you chose it, room/board, classes, finding a job or going to graduate school after graduation.

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I have visited Flagler, interviewed students there, but not attended.

Positives- VERY INEXPENSIVE for a private school-tuition and room and board is about $20,000 for the year.

No teaching assistants- teachers all have Masters or Doctorate.

Small, supportive atmosphere

Vibrant campus and next to one of the neatest small towns on the planet, St. Augustine.

If you are a resident of Alabama, Auburn would be cheaper.

I believe the average entering GPA and SAT for FLagler was around 3.1GPA, 1070 SAT.

Auburn will have more facilities, much more comprehensive of a university. If you change majors, Auburn will give you more flexibility, as Flagler has about 30 majors, and another 15 minors.

Flagler is very strong in the Liberal Arts, Teaching, Arts, Sports Management, Deaf Education, just to name a few.

They also have an actual pre-law program designed by a lawyer on the faculty.

You need to visit Flagler and an interview is strongly recommended. No alcohol allowed at all on campus, and no intervisitation in the dorms. The buildings at Flagler are historic, most dating to the late 1890’s, because it was oringally the Ponce Hotel, built by Henry Flagler.

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I have no idea some thing approximately Auburn or Hofstra however I’ve been watching into Flagler for myself and it sort of feels to be a lovely well university. I’d say you will have a well danger of being authorized there. I’ve additionally heard very well matters approximately their pre-legislation application, they supposedly feed into plenty of well legislation faculties.