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at my college..they have a “pre-pharmacy” BS.. wuts the point of that…if u just gotta go someplace eles…

wuts the point of that..if u gotta go someplace eles for 1 more year???? are u a pharmacist after the 4 year program…can u get a job doing that??? DETAILs..im confused

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You can get authoritative details about pharmacy schools by looking at the website of the Association of American Colleges of Pharmacy AACP. Easy to search online. They have links to every accredited pharm school in the USA arranged by states.

The point of a prepharm BS is that you are well prepared to enter and succeed at the College of Pharmacy. In the USA now all pharm schools give the Doctor of Pharmacy degree (PharmD). You must have this degree to become a pharmacist in the USA today. Some schools require a BS before you enter, and others only require that you take at least two years of college and do well in the prerequisite courses. Most of the the schools that require only two years are currently changing over to require a BS, so in a few years that will be the standard everywhere.

Pharm school is getting very competitive. In our local state university the prepharm students have a higher average GPA than the premeds. According to an article in the local paper there were 1000 applicants for 90 seats for the fall classes.

You can get into pharm school if you are a very good student, and especially good at chemistry, organic chemistry and bio.

Good luck with your career plan!


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