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space .

are u live in czech??

hi all

i need find a people that live in czech

if he / she student of colege is very good

i need some information abour czech student that : is them can have part time and study in colege!!

or what about job that student of colege can have…

im waiting that find czech man/woman taht can answer my question

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This is the special education section. You will probably get more answers if you post your question in the correct section. Try the section called “Higher Education (University +).”

You also might want to reword your question; it’s a little unclear. I think what you’re trying to ask is:

Do you live in the Czech Republic?

Can anyone tell me whether a Czech student can have a part time job and go to college at the same time? What jobs can a student have? I’d especially like answers from any Czechs, particularly college students, that are on here.