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Anyone here who started, but did not finish medical school?

I’m thinking of giving it up because of the stress of keeping my scholarship, without which I can’t continue anyway. Any stories or advice? Need comfort. Just taking a break now from studying.

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By inference, it appears your grades are slipping (which is the basis for most scholarships). I can well imagine the stress induced by this. Hopefully, you are just experiencing a very common phenomenon is med school–being overwhelmed. Allow me to offer some advice:

1. If you are accustomed to studying in the attempt to memorize, stop. That requires too much time and it’s a guarantee that you will not be able to memorize everything. Instead, follow the advice offered by Dr. Netter: repetition, repetition, repetition. Simply read everything three to four times. Rereading things makes you familiarwith the material and by not trying to memorize each thing, you will soon learn the connect between each thing.

2. Pick up the First Aid for the USMLE Step One Exam. This book contains the type of questions you will be asked on the USMLE. Odds are, your instructors are asking similar questions. First Aid not only asks the questions but provides the rationale for why one answer was the BEST answer (most of the answers are very similar). This will help you to adjust your study habits, also.

An alternative is to research obtaining a student loan. If you qulaified for a scholarship, you’re pretty much a cinch for getting a student loan on the merit of your grades. Key Bank offers the MedAchiever loan and Sallie Mae offers Signature Loans. Both are relatively easy to get–probably even easier now that you’ve started school.

Lastly, if you are so stressed out that it’s affecting your life, do consider taking a hiatus. You’ll have to compete again to be reaccepted, but you won’t be the first or last student to have done it.

I sincerely hope you are just going through a low period. I think most med students do. Whatever decision you make, allow a couple of weeks to pass before acting on it. Keep hitting the books and maybe a better grade on an exam will change your perspective.

Best wishes.


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I don’t know anything about medical school, but I personally think that you shouldn’t give up an waste away all of your hard work that has gotten you to this point. Just think about how all your hard work will pay off for you once you graduate. You’ll have a great career making a whole lot of money.