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Anybody been scammed by any “on-line” colleges?

I sign up for this college for a fire science degree, I filled out an application they called me back within 15 min. and the guy is saying Classes start Monday I was just in time. I gave him my information and a fifty dollar app. fee (threw credit card) SS# and billing information, they had a website the whole 9

I talk to him a couple days later he say’s that you had to be a fire fighter 1or 2 to take the course he thought i was (I don’t know why). but he said he would refund the money and told me to first join a academy.sounds fishy to me but I have’nt heard of any scams like this so I’m not sure, maybe Im trippin

name of the school was Keiser College anybody heard of them

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Debra S

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My son-in-law went through a law enforcement college online, and they would tell him everything for that semester was paid, then a couple weeks into the semester, would tell him he didn’t pay for something, or they forgot to charge him for something. When he finished the courses and was supposed to get his degree, he got phone calls saying the same thing, he hadn’t been charged for this, that, and the other, and this is the final time they need to get money from him. There were no set fees for the courses, that we could see, and so my son-in-law started recording conversations and getting witnesses to the calls.

Big scam. They were messing with a cop, and I hope he presses charges on them!!!