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another poem tell me what you think[remember I’m only 13 its based on my mum]?

I feel like I’m all alone

all by myself

I need you so much

right now

I was once your perfect little girl

Three years later Iam the one you

hate I wish that you would talk to me

Why don’t you hear me calling your name

Why don’t you lisen when I try to tell you

No one hears me scearming I may look

happy but inside Im bleeding

I want you to see

But you don’t want to lisen

I can’t be myself the mirror

tells lies and says Im ugly

I can’t make me feel so

I have to bleed

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A few days ago
Valerie L

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Your poem is powerful and so sad. My heart breaks for you.

A few days ago
aww! my mom and i don’t have a good relationship either, only i dont want her help. i truly hate her sometimes. its horrible, but she yells for no reasons, gets pissed for no reason and is just unreasonable sometimes. i get really fed up with it. im sorry you and your mom can’t help eachother. just ask for her to listen. it can’t hurt.