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Am I insane? worthless?

I don’t know what to do with myself………I am so depressed……..It is all mainly because of college…I started college in 2004..it is almost 2008..I have nothing…0 credits and thousands of $ spent (good thing it was community college)that I need to pay my mom back becasue I feel so bad.,,My fam think I am graduating next year(everone except my parents)..wtf am I going to tell them( I have been tellinmg them I was doing good in school and had a lot of credits)….I thougt I was going to do good this semester..WRONG…i started missing classes and then I never went…what is wrong with me..? Am i fu ckin insane? WHy do I keep ******* up…I can’t even answer this.. I am 21 years old…suppose to be graduating college soon…instead I am in debt and have no education…I have no life..I will be 22 this June..I am getting old..How could I f*ck up 4 years of school? Do I even deserve to live? I am useless….I am so screwed.I really don’t know what2 do?Should I start over?isit2lat

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First of all, you are NOT useless and you DO deserve to live. Keep saying those two things over and over again to yourself until you really really believe it, it is the truth!!

Secondly, I am 22 and I totally understand where you are coming from. I went to my dream school for a year, expecting to do really well… Then I started missing classes, partying too much… which turned into never going to classes and partying all the time. I got so depressed it got to the point I did not even want to get out of bed in the morning.

The school kicked me out after a year (I can’t believe they didnt kick you out yet if you have relaly failed everything!!) and I had to come home and fess up to my family. Of course they were mad, but they also loved me and wanted to help me. They knew I could do better but that something was blocking it, something beyond laziness.

I was diagnosed with severe depression when I came home. The healing process is long and takes hard work, but it is undeniably worth it. You CAN get your life together.

I know you dont want to tell your family, but you know what? They are going to figure it out eventually. Either tell them now and let the healing process begin (for all of you!) or keep tormenting yourself and lying to them until you are supposed to graduate. You know in your heart that they are going to find out one way or another, and it will be so much better coming from you.

Take a deep breath and tell them. Tell them how you have been feeling… Sure, they will be mad, but give them time to process everything. Your family loves you, they will want to help you.

And yes, you should start over… try a local community college. I go to Cleveland State now and I am getting straight As and rarely skip class anymore. Part of suceeding is just showing up, its cheesy, but true!! Get in touch with a counselor at your school (at mine and most it is free) that you can see regularly to help you keep on track.

But before you even think about that, you need to work on the issues that you have developed since being at school. Once you work those out, nothing will be able to stop you again from acheiving what you want.

I am living proof that you can change and create the life you wanted… I will be thinking of you.


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After a careful second reading of your plight, I feel that you never really started at all. You are not worthless but apparently you are in the hole financially. Perhaps the answer is to just stop now, since you aren’t ‘doing good’ (should be doing well, BTW), get into counseling, get grounded enough psychologically so that you can set reasonable goals based on your talents, and then ‘start’. From your letter it seems likely that your parents will be supportive and understanding and you owe no one else anything. You don’t even owe your parents because they are always there to help if you allow them. Good luck.


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Insane? I dunno. Worthless? certainly not. First of all dont mess yourself up by thinking all wierd issues. I m a parent and know if my kid is in same situation I would help out. Maybe I get a little upset at first, but I will surely help out. No parent will leave a kid out cold. So you need to tell them the truth and discuss the problems sincerely. Together you can work out another path: there is always another path. Guys who have never seen education have done wonderful, so why cant you. Life is a game, play it. The good thing is that you have found yourself at a young age of 21. There is still enuf time to regain stuff. Take professional help and advice if possible and if you need it. G’Luck to you dear.

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Sounds like you are trying to please other people without pleasing yourself. You are the only one who can live your life…no one else. 21 is NOT old nor anywhere near it sweetie! You have SO much more of life to live beyond school. You keep screwing up because you are not happy being where you are at…you are only doing this to please the parents or whomever. Sit yourself down & search your soul & decide what it is you really want to be doing & go do it! Get a job & set up a payment plan with your parents if you feel so guilty about it. You are probably more worried about it than your parents are. Talk to them when you decide what you really want to do & I’m sure they will be understanding. They were young once too. Hope his helps…Good luck to you my dear.

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Wow. I am 24 years old and I have been attending college since I was 18 years old. I am a sophmore (2nd year). It has taken me so long because of my family husband and all that. It is not the end of the world. You’ll be fine. Just tell them the truth, they will be understanding.

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well you are a liar and lazy

your own worse enemy

It is a hard way to learn

but it is time to be an adult

tell them the truth

get a job

pay back the money

learn the lesson


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~*Fender Freak*~
All I know to tell you is that you’re NOT useless. I’ll pray for ya, it doesn’t sound like much but it WILL help you out.