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what was the hightest temp in tennessee last year?

what was the hightest temp in tennessee last year?

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I’ve searched everywhere, and I can find is that the summertime temps in Tennessee were only *slightly* above normal, but I couldn’t find any exact numbers for you.

They also had *slightly* more than average rainfall last year, but again, no exact figures.

“The above average temperatures of March lingered into April, bringing record-setting highs to the Tennessee Valley from the 15th through the 20th. This unprecedented warmth caused April 2006 to tie for the warmest April on record in Huntsville, and become second warmest April on record in Muscle Shoals. Aside from the severe weather outbreak of the 7th, there were a few other severe weather events during April. Of note, a lingering frontal boundary caused off and on scattered severe thunderstorms for four straight evenings between the 18th and 21st. Several hail reports were received with these storms, and a few areas saw flash flooding. ”



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