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Kelvin .

what it takes to become a pilot in malaysia???

I’m 17 this year,Malaysian and I wish to become a pilot….

I’m taking SPM this year,which I need to decide my future soon….

so I really wanna know what should i do to become a pilot…..

This is what i wanna know :

1)height -I kow it’s important but how tall should they be???

2)result -the result in SPM….they say 5 credit is enough,is it true?

3)times -how long it takes for me to finish the course???

4)cost -how much it cost,if I want to study in this field???

if U know more than the above,please let me know….It’s okay if ur not Malaysian….Thanks

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First of all, you need to have a minimum height of 1.7m. There is no minimum education requirement to attain a private plane license. But you’ll need at 5 credits to become a commercial plane pilot.

But the problem is that to able to become a commercial plane pilot you’ll need to attain a few specific licenses and all of it are very very costly. A minimum of RM174,000 is required before you can become a commercial plane pilot. That is just a conservative figure which does not include accommodations and daily expenses. Thats the reason why pilots are paid so heavily.

You can check out a few flying schools in Malaysia. I know there is one in Melaka and Johor and its very costly as you’ll need to practice as many times as possible to improve your skills, but you’ll have to pay for the fuel for your flight practices.

Check out this site, you can find out everything you need to know to realised your dream. http://www.mfa.edu.my/AbridgedDCAGuide.pdf

Here’s a relatively easier way to become a pilot but there is price to pay also. Join the Malaysian Royal Air Force.

Hope you made the right choice. I wanted to become a pilot too but ended studying in university due to the high cost. Good lucks!