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What colors did the “Three Wise Men” wear?

I am painting a ceramic nativity set and I would like to match the colors as much as possible. Also, what colors did Mary and Joseph wear?

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None of those Details are Recorded.

Mary and Joesph were Poor, and Traveling. Realism would say Browns or Tans, as Dyes were VERY Expensive…Well beyond the means of a Carpenter. White is Hard to keep Clean on the Road, more so in a Stable.

The Wise Men, Kings, Merchants, or Scholar types from the East would Likely have Colored Silks, especially once they Found their Quested King. Purples and Blues were Common choices


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Three Wise Men Clothing

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at a guess, probably the rich colors of red and yellow, perhaps blues and greens from perhaps the silk trade route? however, browns and tans, perhaps whites are a good guess…its hard to say..all i can suggest is, have a look at other artists impressions, look at current culture of that region and find some similarities…and use the information you gather from here…but overall, your the artist, its your choice