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VA mom thinking of home schooling – where to start?

I live in VA. My son is 16 months old, so I have plenty of time to research, but I’m overwhelmed with the tons of information that’s on the internet. Does anyone know of one particular website, book, or organization that’s a good place for a toddler’s mom to start? Thank you!

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The best site about Homeschooling Preschool:


Region specific Homeschool groups:

Home Educators Association of Virginia

Virginia Homeschool Home Page

Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers



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My oldest son, now 20 years old, was about that age when I came across homeschooling for the first time. I was so excited. I had no idea such a thing existed. Of course, back then there wasn’t the tons and tons of information available like there is today. I had all of two books that I could find. LOL.

I would just focus in finding resources that would help you with your son at his age now. There will be plenty of time and resources to grow on as the years pass. I would focus on building his character and age appropriate skills: lots of books, playing outside, nature walks, starting counting, number and letter recognition, etc.

Many homeschoolers in local homeschool support groups have toddlers. Get involved with the group so your son, and you, can connect socially.

By taking the ‘meal’ one mouthful at a time, it will be less overwhelming. :0)


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Sunny And ’74
Same advice I give to all potential home schooler-ignore the socialization idiots……your child will be FINE, enroll them in activities and check out my blog where I discuss socialization (momgoingnuts.blogspot.com) My children are happy and well adjusted, they have many friends, and many weekly social events. Most of the nay-sayers are the ones who have never tried it, or they actually think SCHOOL is the only place where your children can learn proper interactions……so sad.

You are right there is a wealth of information, and it CAN be a little overwhelming

First things first…find out the laws..do you need to send notice you are homeschooling…..do you need to send in monthly attendance? Keep up with grades? Find out your state requirements first,

Next. decide what curriculum (if any) you would like to use. Become familiar with it-decide if you are going to be using a Christian or non Christian (I have used both, and they each have their benefits). If you use NO curriculum decide what books you are going to use, what subjects you WANT to cover and what subjects HAVE to be covered

Lastly-decide on a schedule and a place….THIS will take some tinkering around with. What works one year might not work the next, but that is the beauty of homeschool-your child can develop into a free thinker, not forced into the same mold and learning style as 30 other kids in the same room. Included in this step would be searching for activities, homeschool groups, playdates, etc. that you wish your child to be involved in-with the groups, again there are many Christian groups, but don’t let that deter you if you are not a christian-many of them are wonderful groups with great families.

Good luck!


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I would first decide if you want to homeschool for preschool or not, since that would be his first year. In my opinion, if he’s home with you that’s enough schooling at that age. Everything kids do at that age is a learning experience, but if you really want to sit down and have “preschool” with him then that’s great too.

You wouldn’t really need a curriculum for preschool. Going to a local bookstore and going through books is all you’d have to do. Age appropriate books on numbers and letters would be the only books you’d really need. The rest of the things you would teach him (such as shapes, colors, science, etc.) would be hands on stuff. Coloring, going for nature walks, stuff like that.

The work would really begin for kindergarten. You’d have to start searching for a true curriculum. Start by deciding if you want to use a religious curriculum or a more traditional one. Then research some curriculums and find one that you think would be best for him.

The next thing you would have to do would be to get supplies. Pencils, crayons, erasers..all that stuff. Pretty easy to do 🙂

The third step (which is optional, but I would recommend it) would be to find a homeschooling group. Not only will it provide support for you, it will provide socialization for your son.

It’s really not that hard..just don’t stress out. It’s really no big deal–it’s just teaching at home.


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Check out your local Barnes and Nobles for books and such. You don’t need to register with an actual school until kindergarden, so I wouldn’t worry about curriculum and that sort for preschool. Library books and other children’s books will suit you son just fine.

As for the social aspect of it, your child can be very social and still be homeschooled. Play groups. Take him to the park. Do things that interest him, and involve other kids. When he gets older, there are tons of programs for kids who are homeschooling that you can join to go on field trips with, socialize with, and just have a good time. There are even some summer camps geared toward homeschooled children.

Homeschooling is a great experience. I homeschooled my elementary years, and am just now getting back into it in the 10th grade. Children who are homeschooled are generally more mature than their peers, farther ahead in their studies, and more well-rounded by what all you have shown them. It is so great to know that you are playing a role in your son’s education – I really recommend homeschooling.


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Hi Michelle,

The World of Homeschooling can be a bit overwhelming. The only requirement you need for VA is to supply your local district (not the school itself but the SchoolBoard) with a Letter of Intent, a copy of your high school diploma ( or degree if you have one) and a BASIC curriculum plan with books used.

There are some wonderful groups listed in the groups section, it will just depend where in VA you are.

The age he is at now is perfect for the ABC’s, 123’s, colors, sounds. When you take him grocery shopping, show him the things that start with the letter you are learning ( letter’s don’t have to be learned in order) and find things that are the color, etc…….. be creative. Let him help you with chores.

As for the ‘School Socialization’ malarchy that everyone is yapping about………yeah..no..not happening.

The school’s have implemented a NEW take on ‘Socialization’……… there is NO talking unless asked a question during class, NO talking between classes, and NO talking during the Lunch period. They (the school) feels that by limiting the children, they can stop them from forming Groups, Cliche’s or Circles…this way everyone stays equal, no one gets left out and no feelings get hurt.

I have homeschooled for 4 yrs and I only just learned about this new ‘Rule’ from a mother whose 2nd Grade daughter was just suspended for 1 day for talking during the lunch period.

So there goes THAT theory. (sorry to bust your bubble people)

So start at Yahoo groups and go from there.


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find out the laws in your state.

Join a yahoo support group and talk to the other mothers.

Do not listen to the ignorant who do not know anything about homeschooling. Homeschooled children are the most socialable children they are always around children and they are more confident in themselves.

In a setting, where you as a parent are not holding your part of the responsiblity for raising that child (whether it be public or private school) you childs socializing skills are developed by the “bully” or better yet the child who is considered “cool” because he is smoking pot.

If you are not a Christian please note not all of us homeschoolers are. There are many groups out there that offer diversity please just search them out. They are all great none the less because all the homeschooling moms want is to help you.

The phrase it takes a village to raise a child I think comes from homeschoolers because they are like a family.


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it relatively is an hour! My husband commutes an hour and a 0.5 to artwork on a daily basis. shifting, you will lose alot of money! Who will watch your daughter? How plenty will lease and day care fee you? you’re purely spending $2 hundred in gas… it relatively is no longer that plenty once you seem at $six hundred-1000+ a month in lease, plus gas for issues besides.

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Please s\don’t home school him! He needs to be properly socialized with people his own age.. I suggest you send him to a private school if you’d think it was better but don’t home school.