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Songs that tie in with ‘To Kill a Mockingbird”?

I’m not too heavily into music, so I’m going to need some help with this one. For English 10, I’m supposed to find 5 songs that have something to do with the storyline/morals in Harper Lees “To Kill a Mockingbird”. I’ve already found one, but I’ve been looking for a while (20 minutes or so), and haven’t found one that satisfactorally meets the assignment requirements.

ex: The song ‘Home’ by Three Days Grace is a good representantion of how Bob Ewells daughter feels, being beaten by her father.

P.S. The paper we were given can be found at http://missbenincosa.blogspot.com/2007/10/to-kill-mockingbird-project-regular.html I chose option one.

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Hi there, Good luck on your assignment. Here are 2 songs for you that I think fit “To kill a mocking bird ” well.

(1) Soulfly » Prejudice (For the theme of prejudice/intolerance)

Shame of all nations

What seeds do we plant in an infant’s mind?

Seeds of destruction

And don’t you trust their kind?

This hate is deep-rooted, get rid of the weed

Destroying the harvest

Of peace that we need


Shame of all nations

We got to live in the same neighborhood

When you take a man’s life it don’t mean that you’re good

Same blood runs through your veins

Your hate proves you’re insane

See a man’s face but you can’t see his heart

Don’t even know him but you tear him apart

Them kind of things, they’re just killing off the Earth

Madness, mayhem, we must desert…


Shame of all nations

Breeding hate, don’t need no segregation

If dirty people are all I can see

Then in their eyes the same dirt covers me

Take off the blindfold, it’s time to enlighten

Come out of the wickedness, step out of the night

One man’s agony is another man’s joy

For self satisfaction we’re prepared to destroy

One man, one earth and one destiny

To kill Satan and give God the glory…


Shame of a nation

Breeding hate, don’t cause annihilation

For real…

(2) Walk a mile- By Jan Nigro (As Atticus pointed out that people people cannot judge others until they “climb into their skin and walk around in it”)

I want to walk a mile in your shoes,

I want to walk a mile in your shoes,

I want to know what you think and what you feel,

So I really want to walk — a mile in your shoes!

Remember the fight that we had?

Why did we both have to lose?

It’s because we both walked away mad,

Instead of walking a mile in each other’s shoes!


You hear how the world is a mess

Every time you turn on the news,

But all countries could have happiness,

If they’d be walking a mile in each other’s shoes!


Tempers start to cool down,

A frown turned into a smile,

Anger just can’t be found

When we’re wearing those shoes

And you’re walking that mile!