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Please!!! I need Idea?

I’m working on a video presentation… This video is about the recipe for success as a student… There is one scene, before going to sleep… I just can’t imagine what an excellent students will do before they went to sleep… Can anyone give any idea… and funny ones are mostly appreciated…

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Well, a good way to stimulate brain activity(and stimulates dreams if done before sleeping) is looking at optical illusions. The ones that look like parallel lines, but are straight things like that, another thing is using flash cards in short periods like 5 minutes before going to bed(promotes permanent memory of the subject), but as for funny, maybe…hanging upside for more blood in the brain?

**just FYI ive done any of that stuff, im way to lazy** :p


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Um i dunno. how about instead of praying for something sentimental the student prays for great grades and that the teacher likes them. otherwise have them be studying before bed. Or you could set a twist to the good student and have them like go out to a party and….

THat’s all i have

Hope this helps:)