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Annoyig teacher and her son. What should I do?

Okay so I have this teacher and her son is in her class. I go to a catholic school, so our whole class goes to the same classes, just different rooms and teachers. Anyways, this teacher loves to hear herself talk, all she does is talk about herself. She even does it in the middle of tests. When shes teaching us, she asks us if we understand and we all say yes, and then she says no you dont and teaches us it all over again. Why would she ask us that question if shes gonna just teach us again any ways? And it’s every time! Also her son is like a big spoiled baby. We are going into 8th grade and he is still giving his mommy hugs in the hallway! He also gets away with everything! Like one time he stabbed my friend with a pencil and slapped her with a ruller and his mom did nothing exept talk to him. The next day some one else hits some one, with no blood involved and they get detention. What’s up with that? Any ways every one in my class is wondering if there is a way to get her fired.

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[Anyways, this teacher loves to hear herself talk, all she does is talk about herself.]

When I read that sentence, I actually got visual images of specific people I have worked with whom that completely describes….

Ok, here’s the thing. You can see what’s going on, and from what I’m reading you aren’t self-absorbed so this concept might actually click. There are people out there who think the world revolves around them. Everything that happens is because of them, due to them, owed to them, result of them, etc. As you have experienced, these types of people talk about themselves all the time and every subject somehow warps back around on to them. They MUST be the center of attention, and if something happens where they are not for a moment they will do whatever it takes for the attention to be revolved around them again.

Since you are noticing how she is, you can also see the influence it is having on her son and how he acts when he wants to be the center of attention at all times.

As to answer your question, for her to get fired, she must do something that is unlawful or against faculty school policy. Since this is dealing with a private school, the rules are different. If you have a counselor or some form of mentor you may want to talk to them about these issues. Keeping them to yourself will start to make you bitter and resentful.


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It seems to me that your teacher lacks proper teaching skills and objectivity when it comes to dealing with her son. I would encourage asking your parents to contact the principal in order to set up a conference voicing concerns and working out a satisfactory solution to this problem.

You may not like hearing this, but it is doubtful that this woman will be fired. Her offenses are not severe enough to warrant termination.

You could choose to look at this is a life lesson. You will come across many more annoying and incompetent teachers during the course of your education. Down the road, you may encounter bad bosses and intolerable co-workers. The sooner you can adopt an attitude that you will make the best of a situation when options are unavailable…….the less stress and frustration you will feel.


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mystery girl
you and your rents can file a complaint to ur principle and if that person backs up ur teacher u can go directly to ur district supervisor good luck getting her kicked out