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music teacher?

Hello! I wonder if there is anybody who knows how eligible a music teacher with Swedish studies, is in the USA to find work.

How does the area of music teaching look now days in the USA? Thank you!

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Let me see if I got this straight. You are a music teacher from Sweden. Is that correct?

All states will require that you become certified to teach music. If you haven’t graduated college, then you will need to attend college and earn a degree in music education with student teaching. You will then need to pass whatever tests your state requires to become certified. Then, you will have a probationary certification and will earn your full certification through a series of professional evaluations at the school where you are hired to teach. It is a long process.


1. Graduate college with an educational degree in your field of interest – including student teaching.

2. Pass all required tests for certification.

3. Pass evaluations at your place of employment.

There are several educator job fairs in every state. Attending some of those is a good idea because you can be interviewed and hired on the spot.

There are several websites, like teacher-teacher.com that have a database listing thousands of available teaching positions, by state and category (i.e., music, art, math . . .)

If you can get to San Antonio this Friday, we are having our four day Texas Bandmasters Association Convention: TBA.

Along with the meetings and seminars, there will be job postings and interviews for people seeking jobs as music teachers and/or band directors.

If there is anyway that I may reasonably help, please let me know.


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A. J. P
I live in Milwaukee and music teachers have been cut. I used to teach music, but went into teaching in the elementary classroom, so that I could still have a job. Music teachers with 15 years senority can’t find schools to teach at.

I would check in larger urban areas. You might beable to combine your music and Swedish studies and be able to teach in a magnet or speciality school. If you can teach a foreign language and music, plus anyother subjects, this might make you more marketable.

Good luck!


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Job openings for music teachers are difficult to find.