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Which internet abbreviations and adaptations of regular spellling appeal to you and which ones make you sick!

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LMAO, ROTFL, WTF???, FOAD (although you don’t see that often) and LOL are ones I like, aslo any using a mixture of letters and numbers such as str8, ne1

I’m neutral on plz and ppl, Y!A

I don’t like IDK

I have been confused on the not yet popular enough to assume people know them or are moree suited to youthes like: SN, PN, BFF, BF, GF

TTFN (ta-ta for now)


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i really dont like lol. I don’t know why but it really bugs me. The rest are fine. i always right ne1 for anyone. No one knows what i mean but i think it is cool.

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A Human

I do not know any abbreviations except lol and idk. But i don’t like to use them. I want to know what is FLAMO or something like that.

I use in my answers like i.e (that is); etc (etcetra).. that’s all.



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Jane Z.
I like “lol”.

I see “idk” a lot on here and it’s very annoying! If you don’t know then think of something more creative to say besides “IDK”!